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  1. When I started the book, I honestly did not expect much more than any other book that I had read. When I got to the ending, all I could say is WOW!

    That was an ending . Can’t wait for the next book! I hope there is more!


  2. This was a tough book to put down! It was a sleepless night but I was not disappointed with the ending!


  3. Yes I read your book! It was great, and I loved the surprise twist at the end. I remember thinking, “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!” and then the epilogue where she was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. You’ll have to write a sequel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

    I really enjoyed the James/Harmony story, and how they developed their teleportation skills. I also liked the Protectorate and how you worked in the president and other political figures into the story. I can’t help thinking that the Protectorate was really trusting at a couple spots. It was lucky for them Xxxxxxx didn’t turn out to be a bad guy. He was an interesting character. The queen was fun too. Planet Dirt! Hahaha!

    It also struck me that you probably had to do a ton of research for the technical aspects of the story, or you just have a great imagination, because it all sounded legit.

    Michele Fields

  4. Your book has arrived!

    I could not put it down, and read it from beginning to end. I just was looking forward to finding out how it ended. And when I was finished, I wasn’t expecting that ending! Are you planning a sequel… or leaving it there?
    It was fun read.

    I thought it was a great ending. Unexpected and interesting. And not incomplete on it’s own!

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