I must apologize to all my Fans that had pre-ordered – Lines… – The Line… Book 2

I have been working hard to complete this second book for the series. I have been in a ton of physical pain that has delayed my writings. A few years back I was in a couple of car accidents. Getting the right treatment has been tough. As you can understand, it is very hard to concentrate and write when you are in a lot of pain.

It bothers me deeply that I could not keep my word and have it ready. Again it is my hope that you will forgive me and repurchase my book when it is indeed ready.

Please check this site for updates as the book is close to being completed.

I have a support page running. Support for “The Line…” Please click the link to give any financial support you feel led to. If you donate more than 20 and request it, I will be happy to send you autographed copies of “The Line…” and “Lines…” when I complete the second book!

Take care and God Bless…

Thank you for sharing the world I created called “The Line…”

Stanley Komarniski
Sci Fi Author and Computer Scientist