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Stanley Komarniski

Birthdate: November 5, 1963
Age: 59 Years Old

Stanley James Komarniski was born near the Ebb & Flow reserve in Manitoba, Canada. He is a Full Blooded Canadian Aboriginal. He grew up learning the traditions of his culture which included learning how to survive on the land. A lot of his childhood was spent walking the traplines, along with fishing and hunting to help feed his family.

Then on his 11th birthday his mother gave him the present that would change the direction of his life forever. She gave him a kit where he had to build a computer using an 8080 microprocessor chip. It had a grid of LEDs as a display and a speaker and a frequency generator. He easily mastered it and the machine language code used to run programs.

By the time Stan was 14 he had the key to his high school’s computer room which consisted of a keypunch machine and a data link to a share school computer system. In that year he worked his first job in computers writing a program for a database to track participants in a sports festival being held in his city.

In 1984, Stan had written one of the first Point of Sale(POS) systems that linked with an inventory computer using a 3 wire serial connection. This was test run successfully in a Toy Store. Which was unheard of in the early 80s.

Since then Stan has used his knowledge to to help others to understand and use technology efficiently. He has formed his own company and offers a low cost or sometimes free service to those who need help but can’t afford to pay for a premium service.

During his young life, his great grandfather was a great story teller. This had inspired Stan to write many short stories of his own. His mother had provided him with his first manual typewriter to help him in his writing adventure.

Stan’s first published book, “The Line…”, was originally named, “The Death Ship!” It was based on a dream he had when he was 11 years old. When he wrote the first seven chapters, his oldest brother mocked him so much that Stan ripped up those pages. Many times throughout his lifetime, these seven chapter were re-written and lost. Only when his wife, Melody, encouraged him did he finally finish his book and publish it 43 years after the dream.

Stan is father to ten children: five boys and five girls. He is grandfather to many grandchildren. He hopes to leave a legacy for his children, and their children to come. That they all live a life for God and help as many people as they can along the way.

The plan for the story of “The Line…” is a trilogy. The second will be published in 2023. (hopefully if pain allows)